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We provide free talks, seminars, classes and hackathons in the Taipei Metro Area to connect, grow and support developers and designers, as well as individuals who want to get into the industry.

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Weekly events consist of lecture-discussions designed to introduce core concepts, paradigms and new technologies, or pair-programming sessions where teams attempt to create software based solutions for real world problems

Future Event: Project Day!

Learn to build a Portfolio Website in ReactJS

TL;DR We're going to build a very basic personal website that can be used as a business card and a portfolio piece on top of a modern, industry-leading tech stack used by employers around the world.

Technical: We're going to build a personal website using ReactJS, NextJS, TailwindCSS, versioned on GitHub, and hosted on Vercel.

  • Setup Development Environment

    Requirements to get started are:
    • Setup Github Account and Fork Project
    • Install Yarn and Project Dependencies
    • Setup Vercel and Link to Github Project
    • Deploy Starter Project to the Internet
  • Build your website

    For purposes of time I'll be providing the class with pre-build templates you can choose to use in your project. You're also welcome to create our own.

    We'll go through each component as well as the basics of TailwindCSS, it's layout system as well as styling functionality.

    Happy Coding!

  • Release & launch

    Deploy final version of the project and share it with friends!

Questions & Answers

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How can I Register to attend?

Event notifications will first be sent out to email subscribers to prioritize for former attendees, than they will show up on and finally on


Are the events really free?

Yes, all events are free to attend and will be free in the future. My personal believe is that education should be free to everyone. That being said, events might have corporate sponsors to cover to cost of renting the venue.


Why are the events only hosted in English?

The main host is an English speaker and guest hosts are primary ex-Silicon Valley employees with limited knowledge of Mandarin. Future events might be more accommodating to Mandarin speakers.


How can I support this project?

We are looking for venues around Taipei Metro to host our in person lectures and seminars as well as corporate sponsors to fund future events.

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